Welcome to Friendly Work Space (FWS) Job-Stress-Analysis (S-Tool)

The stress barometer is an instrument for organizations. FWS Job-Stress-Analysis is a web-based questionnaire which will give you a detailed insight regarding the occurrence of stress in your organization.

You will be able to learn more about subjectively experienced stressors and resources as well as the current state of your employees’ well-being. You can decide yourself, for which groups of employees you would like to receive results.

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis delivers automatically generated results at team, departmental and corporate level.

Graphs will show you at a glance:

  • how you compare with other organizations in Switzerland,
  • where the hot-spots (units with enhanced stress levels) are located within your organization,
  • what resources your employees draw from to alleviate stress.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, your employees will immediately receive their personal results, along with tips on how to cope with stress. Repeated application of the FWS Job-Stress-Analysis survey will provide you with longitudinal data making it possible to monitor your organization’s development.

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis – the benefit for organizations and employees

Unlimited number of participants: FWS Job-Stress-Analysis is suited for all organizations with a workforce of more than ten people. You will receive detailed responses concerning stressors, resources, and well-being.

Results at multiple levels: Both management and employees have direct access to the results. After the survey has been completed, all participants are provided with a detailed evaluation of their individual results. In the case of the occurrence of critical values, FWS Job-Stress-Analysis automatically generates tips and suggestions on how to best deal with stress. You can define the focus of the survey: In addition to the obligatory base module several in-depth modules can be selected. The choice of modules will determine the duration of the survey.

Working with a scientifically validated instrument: All questions have been developed by researchers and are made available through our cooperation with the University of Bern. FWS Job-Stress-Analysis gives you the opportunity to work with a scientifically valid and up-to-date instrument. All responses are compared to constantly updated benchmark values which reflect the status quo in Switzerland. The tool has also been validated in real companies in a large survey with over 5’000 employees.

Further information

Would you like detailed information regarding the requirements for organizations to use FWS Job-Stress-Analysis? This can be found under informations for user.


Would you like a step-by-step preparation in order to successfully utilise the survey in your organization? We offer professional support in the form of a one-day training program (German or French only).


Health Promotion Switzerland offers additional technical support for organizations working with FWS Job-Stress-Analysis. Support is limited to technical queries. You find additional information under conditions.

Additional questions

Do you have questions regarding FWS Job-Stress-Analysis? We are happy to help and look forward to your contact.